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  • [STUFFED ANIMALS ALL OVER THE FLOOR? NOT ANYMORE] – Take control of the chaos with this extra large stuffed animal bean bag storage. With its extra large capacity you’ll be feeling great just being able to see the floor again. This extra large bag can hold up to 70 stuffed animals depending on the size.
  • [ENCOURAGES CHILDRENS TO PLAY AND STAY FIT] – This bean bag is sure to be a hit, once all the stuffed animals are in the bag children love to roll, toss, and jump on this stuffed animal bean bag. Get them off electronics and have them enjoy a nice book while lounging on this 2 in 1 multi purpose solution.
  • [CHILD PROOF – RIP RESISTANT] – Our bean bags are made with rip resistant material and can handle the roughest of children so you can have one less worry in your busy hectic day. This bean bag made by Buddy Plush, we make stuffed animals and got your best interest at heart. We created this bag to store our stuffed animals.
  • [TEACHES KIDS ORGANIZATION SKILLS AND RESPONSIBILITY] – What better way to teach children to pick up after their own stuffed animals with this bean bag? Once its full a child can roll, play, sit on and relax. Enjoy the clean floors and your child will enjoy a full bag and learn to clean up after themself!
  • [LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE] – We are so sure you’ll love our hand made Buddy Plush bean bag storage that we will provide a replacement for any issues you encounter. We love our customers and will give you a hassle free customer service experience that few companies do now days. You’ll absolutely love this storage solution and we hope you’ll enjoy the sight of a clean room and a happy health child

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