About Us

I had tons of stuffed animals when I was a kid. You’re probably thinking “mine too!”.

Yet even with so many stuffed animals I only kept a few through my life.

It had to do with how the plush felt. As a kid some plush just felt dirty or hard. Some I knew were just for looks and I had to get my parents to buy plush after plush to find one that I really liked.

Most plush companies simply don’t care about their plush’s feel, they just churn out design after design.

Each Buddy Plush is created to have the perfect quality feel and the right cuteness to be that plush that your child cherishes for life.

Don’t buy your child a stuffed animal thats just going to sit in the corner, get them a Buddy that they’ll cherish!

Buddy Plush is a small Texas based business committed to the development of children and to the satisfaction of our customers.



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